Friday, October 21, 2011

Two weeks in

And things seem to be working.

Two weeks in, and the diet change alone and some minor moderation of alcohol intake, and my weight has dropped 5 lbs.

Biggest change has been eating during the day: no chocolate has passed my lips in the office - unless you count a swirl on top of a fruit fool pudding one day.

Breakfast: cereal bar, if anything.

Lunch: typically a healthy hot meal (often vegetarian option), or dessert allowed if I have a salad.

Snacks: 2-3 pieces of fruit, and another cereal bar.

Dinner: whatever's on the menu at home, cooked healthily.

Max one glass of wine before the meal is finished. I've figured out that my normal (very large) glass filled to it's widest point is about 1/4 bottle or 187ml, so I'm generally putting less than this in and savouring it and having some left. Still more than I should be drinking if I'm at home every night, but reducing without feeling deprived.

Am out with a friend of Saturday so it might get blown out of the water. Tough. Life's too short.

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