Saturday, July 14, 2007

Plateau Busting over at Fat Bloke Thin

FatBlokeThin is travelling at the moment, and he's found that he's managed to push himself off a plateau despite eating an 8oz chili burger.

It certainly mirrors something I've found: sometimes having a bit of a blow out gets the metabolic rate up and I lose that weight, plus more, quite easily.

I'm not advocating the "stuff your face like it's going out of fashion", but I do think that eating well occasionally helps stop your metabolism from going into "starvation mode".

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FatBlokeThin said...

It's all your fault!! lol!

Maybe I am being punished for your post!!

Anyway, I think I have finally bedunked the 'Beef Wellington diet' - it's about as reliable as Kimkins (allegedly)!

Thanks for the vist and the commiseration!