Saturday, December 30, 2006

The plan for 2007

Let me be clear - I don't do New Year's resolutions. This is not a resolution, this is an intention to change some habits.

Change No 1: Reduce sugar in coffee by 1/2. So one spoon in a mug instead of two. One and a half in the big travel mug I use at work. I've already started this, and it's working OK. I deliberately made an early start on this one because I mostly drink instant at home and filter coffee at work, and the filter coffee is a bit more bitter. Hopefully the adjustment when I get back to work on the 2nd will be easier. It's going OK so far!

Change No 2: Limit alcohol intake. Maximum of two beers on school nights (or 1/2 bottle wine).

Change No 3: Healthier snacks. I just bought a load of cereal bars (2 1/2 or 3 points instead of 5), and stocked up on cereal for the office.

Change No 4: Pub lunches and takeaways. Try to limit to one per week, and aim for healthier choices. Lunch is generally my highest pointed meal of the day, so this is a clear target. It's also likely to be the most social interaction I have with people in the office in the New Year, since I'll basically be working for a remote team. Chips are definitely limited to once a week on this rule!

Let's see how that works out through January, with some weight monitoring.

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