Friday, December 29, 2006

So what is this all about?

Defining a goal really needs to be in the context of why I'm losing weight in the first place. And that comes down to two things, really: health and clothes.

From the health viewpoint, it would be nice to lose a little. I'm not a fitness freak - hell, I couldn't run far when I was 12 without gasping for breath. I've suffered with a variety of forms of chronic rhinitis (think of a year-round head cold) for as long as I can remember, and I just can't breathe well enough for really vigorous exercise. But I don't want to wake up one day and find it's a real health problem.

I find it difficult to buy shirts that fit me properly. I take a size 20 collar, which equates to something like a 54" waistline - rather more than the 40" trousers I'm used to. XL tee shirts are often still a little snug. And I'm right at the top end of standard sizing for jackets, too. I don't want to be shopping in "High and Mighty" all the time!

SWMBO hopes it will stop me snoring, too!

So my goal is to reduce my BMI from 35 to 30. That equals to a goal weight of 16st 9lbs, or 40 lbs to lose.

I'm initially targeting a BMI of 30 since it represents the highest level that isn't considered a risk to health. Whether I drop below that will depend on how much better I feel, and what I think I look like at that point.

The other definition of "there" is based on trouser size: if a size 36 fits me comfortably, I'm back where I was when I was 21, and that's good enough for me. That's certainly possible: I was a size 36 when I started work, and I think I was about 17 stone then.


sam said...

hey IWBO, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog (

I wish you success for you diet plan.

Nenya said...

Good luck with your weight loss plan! I have my own to deal with, but am less structured than you are about it_ I'm still trying to figure what sort of diet to follow, and am currently sticking with demonizing my practices on my blog! *g*

IWBO said...

Well, for me the plan was kind of chosen since I already knew it well.

I think the thing is to try and find a plan that will work for you. I *like* the flexibility of weightwatchers - especially on 36 points a day when I can easily fit in a bar of chocolate or a few beers. But you may find a different system works for you. Just remember that ultimately they all come down to the same thing: burn more calories than you eat!