Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Weigh In

A disappointing result this week, since I stayed the same. I think there were a couple of contributing factors:
  • more than a couple of drinks and lots of nibbles at a neighbour's last weekend.
  • Points average for the week came in at 40 - almost two points higher than the previous week.
  • The last two weeks I've had one sub-30 point day, this week I didn't.
The other thing is that I think I've been more in a frame of mind of "what can I get away with eating" rather than "do I really want/need this?". That certainly hasn't helped. I do still have the consolation from my daily weighing that I did reach a new lowest weight during the week, so it's not all bad. I need to watch it for another couple of days and see if the changes so far are going to be sufficient to keep losing it.

I've got another week before my trip to the US, so I need to try and have a good week this week.

Takes deep breath, hardens resolve....

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