Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Weigh In: I'm bored with this weight loss lark

Well, the good news is that I managed to lose 2lbs in the last week, with the scales showing exactly 18st this morning.

I'm not exactly sure how: I've not tracked points all week, I've eaten out at least three times in the evenings, the exercise bike is turning into a valet stand, and I've been about a hair's breadth from grabbing about a pound of Cadbury's Dairy Milk and scoffing the lot without stoppping for breath on several occasions.

I've been surprised that I've found it relatively easy to not eat chocolate - to the point that I've not actually bought a bar of chocolate all year. To put that into perspective, I used to have at least one bar of chocolate most days, sometimes two or three. But just occasionally (perhaps I'm getting in touch with my feminine side!) I have a real craving for a large quantity of good milk chocolate.

Let me change the subject. I've been sticking at around 18st. for a while now. I need to get moving, get my chart up to date on my progress, and get back on track. I'm at an awkward size at the moment: a lot of my trousers are too big, but the next size smaller is still too tight.

It's something of a turning point for me this week. Up until now I've found the weight loss fairly easy. I've been able to stick to the plan - more or less - and the pounds have been ticking slowly away. But the last two weeks have been a real challenge to keep even remotely motivated about this.

We're out with some friends on Saturday, but the coming week should be a chance for some virtue. Let's see if I can summon up the enthusiasm again!

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