Thursday, June 07, 2007

Encouraging result this morning

17st 9½lbs this morning. A new lowest weight - a long time since I've been able to report that - and almost - so close - to the last mini-goal I set.

Back on May 8th, I wrote it would be nice to do it during that month. It's taken a little longer, but I don't think I was planning on a business trip then.

So close, but another half a pound and I will be within a stone of my original goal of 16st 9lbs. This weekend should be quiet, so more opportunity to stay on the wagon and off the fattening foods.

It was also encouraging to see one of our neighbours that I hadn't seen for a while last night who noticed that I'd lost weight. It does make you feel like you're making some real progress when someone actually notices. It's often the people you see less often that will spot the change: a more gradual change to those you see every day is less noticeable.

Time for some nice, healthy porridge to set me up for the day!

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