Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Weigh In (another fat Thursday)

Once again I seem to have hit my lowest weight for the week on a Thursday, only to put on a few pounds again for Friday. 17st 8½lbs yesterday, back to 17st10½ today. Both are lower than the same time last week, which is the important bit of the result.

Yesterday's lowest weight is just half a pound away from losing 10% of my starting weight, and also brings me to within one stone (14lbs for American readers) of my goal. It also, more importantly, means I've lost almost 2/3rds of the weight I set out to lose. I'm well over half way there, and a few more good months should see me there.

I'm actually revising my goal slightly. I originally set out to achieve a goal weight of 16st 9lbs. I'm redefining the end point as 16st 7lbs. That gives me a small margin below the magic BMI of 30, and also gives me a nice clear set of monitoring rules above that:

16st 10lbs - yellow warning zone. Time to watch out and eat better again.
17st - red zone. Back on the wagon. Today.

That might get revised again, but that's where the lines are drawn for now. I think they're pretty vital to not ending up repeating this exercise again in a few years time.

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