Sunday, April 29, 2007

Unhealthy Diet

Well yesterday I managed to eat 35 points. I'm supposed to be on 32, but that's within the wiggle room I seem to be able to get away with. Unfortunately, only about 10 of those points were from real food.

Breakfast: Didn't bother.
Lunch: 3½ points for Healthy Eating Pizza (half) and salad.
Dinner: pork escalope, potatoes, veg. 5½ points
Sugar in Coffee: 2 points
Total for Real Food: 11 points.

Easter Egg, 140g chocolate. 14 points.
Alcohol with friends: 10 points
Total for stuff I shouldn't have had if I were on a diet: 24 points.

Yet again, I'm tantalisingly close to being under 18st. Today's weight was 18st 1¾lbs, still just above the last official Friday weigh-in result of 18st 1lbs. There was no weigh last Friday as I was travelling and didn't have access to a scales. So, here goes for next Friday!

I'm getting a little frustrated at this point that this is the third week I've been hoping to beat that barrier, but life keeps intruding, and I'm not keen enough on being thinner to stop having a life.

Having said that, there were two nice moments - what Weight Watchers forum members call NSVs, for Non Scales Victory. The first was realizing that my smart jacket I haven't worn all year actually fits much better now (it was getting a little tight around the shoulders), and the second was our friend noticing I'd lost weight last night. Encouraging, to say the least.

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