Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weightloss and fitness

I posted a while ago that I'd actually dragged myself into a gym and used the equipment there. Well, I've taken the plunge and bought an exercise bike (via eBay).

So, the target is to do 10-15 minutes, three mornings a week.

Since I've had two 4 day weeks at home since I started, I don't feel too bad that I've only managed 5 sessions in the two weeks instead of 6.

It's not the most fun way to spend my time - I'd certainly rather stay in bed the extra 15 minutes. The primary goal is to improve heart fitness and lower blood pressure rather than trying to burn calories - that needs far too much time wasted on the bloody thing! So doing a short session is a good way to start; if that gets too easy I'll make the session longer but drop it to twice a week. But that's a way down the road.

Walking in the hills over the Easter break, it was obvious that even my progress so far has improved my fitness levels. We did one walk of about 6 miles, climbing about 250m (600 feet) over the first 5 miles (and then back down again in the 6th mile!) I walked at a steady pace - 2 ½ hours for the walk, and wasn't really out of breath - there were a few pauses to take in the scenery but that was about it.

So I definitely feel that things are improving.

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