Monday, January 15, 2007

Dilbert's Pointy-Haired Boss

Dilbert's pointy-haired boss is on a diet, and he's not doing well. Check out the archives.

I'm doing rather better than the PHB. I made some good choices today:
  • No butter on my baked potato. Ideally it would have been a non-mayo filling, but the limited choices are basically chilli (which I've eaten about 3 times a week so far), beans (boring unless with cheese), or things stuck together with mayo. 2 points for a tablespoon isn't bad, but it does make a difference between an 8 point lunch and a 10 point lunch.
  • Raided the tuck box in my desk for a cereal bar instead of a bar of chocolate.
  • Raided the office fruit basket for a banana instead of another bar of chocolate. No, that's not "I still wanted a bar of chocolate", that's "I'd have eaten two if I hadn't been trying. The only chocolate I've eaten so far this year has been the leftovers from Christmas. If you have shares in Cadbury's: sell!
I guess I'll finish the day on about 35 points. It's scary how much the points add up in a day; a total of 3½ on coffee (half what I used to have, but not feasible on 22 points a day!), 4 on fruit, and 10 on lunch.

I think the biggest difference I'm noticing is that I'm actually ready for breakfast in the mornings. When I started this I'd eventually grab a cereal bar around 10am and call that breakfast. Now I'm first at the cereal bowls in the morning!

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