Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Weigh In

As part of this "experiment", I'm comparing the scores from the Hacker Diet with those from a weekly weigh-in, to see which is the most useful feedback.

So, today's score was 19st. 5½ lbs, or 1lb lost this week.

The Hacker diet trend is downwards, which is all I care about; the rate of decline is irrelevant as long as it looks like a downhill slope and not an up-hill one.

Having got off to a flying start, the points score for the day wasn't good - around 55 points after the boss bought pizza for lunch. At this stage, for me it's more about changing bad habits than immediately trying to lose weight. I'll decide based on the weight loss through January if it's sufficient, or if I actually need to make more progress. I did stick to my other changes, and I made a point of only taking two slices of pizza to start with so that I'd have time to digest them a little and start feeling full before going back for me. The end result was that I ate about 3/4 of a pizza, instead of a whole one like I would have done. And that, for me, counts as a victory.

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