Monday, January 01, 2007

First Day, a good(ish) start

OK, maybe I shouldn't have scoffed half a chocolate orange.

Coffees: 6 cups, 1 sugar in each: 3 points

Brunch: Light Cranberry Juice, 300ml. 1.5pts. Some left over Orange Juice - doesn't really count, but I'll be pessimistic and call it 1/2 point for that. 2 muffins, 2 eggs, scrambled, no butter, and a smidgen of skimmed milk. 9 points.

Mid Afternoon: The Terry's Chocolate Orange. 10 points.
Large glass Ribena: 3 points (I could have had a beer for that!)

Dinner: Veggie Risotto, followed by yoghurt, and a beer. 9 points.

That's 36 points for today, which would be my allowance under the previous version of the WW scheme. Considering that 12 points (fruit juice and chocolate) were on hangover-curing indulgences, that's not bad.

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