Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello Minnie Mynx

Minnie Mynx is a regular on the Weight Watchers message boards, and her website has some useful lists of WW points values once you get past the ads. Added to my links list!

I made a rather startling discovery today - we were going out for lunch when someone suggested the Chinese takeaway. Uh oh! I had a vestigial memory of chow mein being a pretty good option, so ordered a king prawn chow mein. 5½ points!

5½ points! I can have two of those for the same points as a tuna mayo baguette. This is the first time I've come home from work having consumed less than about 20 points since I started.

I've said before that (as long as it works) I'm more into changing habits than really trying to "do Weight Watchers", and this kind of reinforces that (at least with relatively large numbers of points to play with) that you can find good choices pretty much anywhere with some thought and research. Though possibly not in the chippy!

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